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International Award Winning Photography by Philip Craven FPG, FMPA
My family started wedding photography in 1897 with a Lancaster Instantograph plate camera and is now one of the oldest established wedding businesses in Europe. In 1970 with the introduction of VPS  120 roll film my family opened a studio at 340 High Street Dorking. Many of our beautiful wedding albums produced over 100 years ago still exist in good condition. My photography started as a hobby photographing landscapes and wild life, and I sold my first photograph at the age of 14 years. After studying photography at college, I first trained at Jaguar Studios, a fashion studios in London. I later trained in society wedding photography as an assistant to  Royal Photographer, Tom Hustler, before taking over my family wedding  business. Over 100 books have now been publish with my photography  including "The Souvenir to A Royal Wedding". I have been awarded the qualification of Fellow of the Master Photographers Associaton, an  Associate of The Royal Photographers Association and a Fellow of the  Photographers Guild and have received their "Wedding Photographer of The Year Award" on two consecutive years. I have also received the Hasselblad Cup for Wedding Photography and gold awards from The  World Council of Professional Photographers and Master Photographers  Association.
I have attended over 2000 weddings in the UK and abroad including weddings at the House of Lords and St Margarets, Westminster, creating my own personal style of distinctive photography. I love photographing weddings, every wedding is different and it gives me the opportunity of producing unique photographs whatever the weather. I am one of the few photographers using professional medium format digital equipment, including Hasselblad, providing clients with the highest quality photographs for albums and wall art.  

Distinctive Beautiful Wedding Photography
Your wedding is probably the most important day of your life.
You invest a lot of time and money into this day that you have been planning for months or perhaps even years.
When the flowers have wilted, the champagne has been drunk and the cake has been enjoyed, you will only have the images to look back on.
Philip Craven
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